About us

Who we are

TheScooterist is a part of Sablicon Media. It is a free resource for all types of scooter riders, whether they are the owners of an electric or a gas model. Our articles are created to provide helpful tips and buying advice on anything from choosing the right scooter helmet to whether or not you need insurance for this type of vehicle in the area where you reside.

What’s our goal? We aim to assist people who want to get a scooter or have just become scooterists, and we strive to offer them well-researched and accurate information in terms of everything from regulations and safety to selecting the appropriate gear for every kind of scooter rider.

What we do

In developing our articles, we rely on the concept of Simplexity. That means that, unlike some brands, we avoid the complexity, jargon, and terminology in order to bring you clear and reliable information. We try to help people save a lot of time (and headaches) when making the right purchase for their needs and budgets. We strive to help consumers make the best buying decision so that they get the most of their vehicles.

Our mission is to offer buying advice to newbie scooterists, but we also focus on making their rides as safe as possible. We’ve tackled a wide array of topics on our site over time, and they range from tips on safely riding your scooter around town to where electric scooters are prohibited.

Given that we believe that the best advice is free, we try to create a better world for scooterists by providing them with the information they need to avoid accidents and benefit from a safe riding experience. We aim to make scooter riding as hassle-free as possible, for anyone, no matter their experience or background.

Our research explained

Our team is composed of several experienced scooterists, and they all differ in terms of age, experience, and the places they’ve ridden their scooters. As you can expect, our articles are based on the recommendations of these scooter riders and other industry experts.

Our experts review all of the topics we have for our editorial calendar. After understanding the market need, they begin an extensive research process during which they correlate their needs (and those of other scooterists) with the products that are currently available. Following this, their drafts are checked by our editors and then scheduled for production. This process allows us to produce several pieces of content on a monthly basis.

We care about your scooter riding experience – about your ride and about you, the scooterist. We want to keep you safe and convinced that you have chosen a piece of equipment that is going to keep you alive and feeling well.

Meet our team

  • Alin

    Staff Writer

    A passionate of everything that goes on wheels, Alin dreams of having his own business producing scooters and boards for enthusiastic riders. Always looking to find out more about the innovations happening in wheeled sports, he can’t wait to share with the readers the latest things he learns about.

  • Irina

    Content Editor

    Irina, our content editor, cares about the environment, which is why she is passionate about alternative means of transportation. She is in charge of editing most of the articles that we publish on the site and she always makes sure that all of the info is correct and helpful.

  • Lorin

    Director of content

    With his experience in content strategy and keyword research, Lorin is the right person for the job. He is our Director of Content and much like other people on our team, he cares about the environment and alternative transportation methods.

  • Marian

    Website Editor

    Marian is our web developer and website editor and his keen eye for detail is what makes it possible for him to prevent and fix any technical issues in a timely fashion. Although he has a car, he’s been learning about scooters from his wife as she prefers riding one instead of driving.

Our advisors

  • Carl Arjona

    A lifelong scooter owner, Carl has been traveling around Mindanao via various models of scooters for a decade. Carl understands the importance of care, scooter safety, security and maintenance. Getting around the congested Davao City isn’t easy, but the right scooter makes all the difference in the world.

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